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“When you look through grateful eyes, the world seems just a little bit more beautiful, your step more confident and your goals more achievable.”

Your Best Life Coach: Shannon Perry Taylor


Beautiful Soul!

Life has a funny way of throwing you some hurdles. The day I discovered that my marriage wasn’t working was the day my world changed. Three days after our divorce, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She was gone one year later. Amidst my divorce and caring for my mother, I was working to find my footing as a newly single working mother. It was my love for my children that kept me continually seeking self improvement. This segued into my search for my soul purpose. I wanted my life to have meaning, and in 2017 I began to dig into this concept. As my journey progressed I discovered love-based coaching. Following this model led to a year of monumental change and resulted in more gratitude, more love and a reevaluation of how I treated the people around me — especially my teenagers! I was able to remove thoughts and beliefs from my life that no longer served me. I now love the life I live and desire to help others do the same. This is my journey. What is yours? 

Peace, Love, and Light, Shannon Perry Taylor

Embrace who you are, find strength and beauty in the mirror, and build a life that reflects your power and personality. Through love-based coaching, we honor your life journey, offering support, unconditional acceptance and strategies for you to live confidently in a space you love. Build on the characteristics that make you special and create space around you that reflects the beautiful person you are by celebrating what makes you unique. Create confidence and discover peace in design that makes you feel like you!


Your Best Life Coaching

Love based coaching

Love Based Coaching

We are all love-based beings, continually seeking to love and be loved. What if we could receive coaching in life from the very perspective we strive to achieve?

All Calls Are One-On-One

All Calls Are One-On-One

Direct video or voice calling allows you to speak to a life coach directly without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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New Year; New You

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From Happy Clients


“I had a coaching session with Shannon today and she helped me through some troubles that I haven’t been able to figure out on my own. I have been struggling with self confidence, and because of that I’ve had major financial issues. I have done all the things I knew to do to try to overcome these issues on my own, and I just couldn’t figure it out. Shannon intuitively knew what questions to ask and how to guide me to find my answers within. Through her guidance and advice I was able to come out of the session with a plan on how to deal with and overcome my troubles. She was kind, compassionate, professional, and respectful throughout the entire session. I felt like I could be open, honest, and very vulnerable without judgement which allowed my major break throughs. I started the session with a very heavy energy caused by worry and stress. Once our session ended I felt so much lighter… the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders! She’s great at what she does. I recommend her coaching services to everyone!”

- Lynn

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