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Kevin O’Keefe and Bryan Beckerman started their recruiting business in a spare bedroom of an apartment in 2013. A few short years later, Bryan and Kevin met Shannon. The romance between Shannon and Kevin sparked immediately. As their relationship grew so did their desire to help each other in every aspect of their lives. Shannon joined Kevin and Bryan at their recruiting firm, bringing her background in architecture, interior design and construction. The team has found that oftentimes, people prefer to talk to someone who has a similar background. Regardless of roles and previous experience, the team works towards the same goal: Find the best fitting candidate for the client’s available position. This extends far beyond simply looking at resumes — we want to make sure each candidate will thrive.


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We find the best people for your project by recruiting creative, talented, and experienced professionals in every field. Discover designers, architects, construction managers, engineers, finance experts, and administrative assistance for every step of your project. Build your dream space with the best team for the job.


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