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Atlanta Country Club Home


SPT Brands

Empower, Embrace, Experience.

Welcome! This is where everything comes together. My journey began at the University of Arkansas where I acquired a degree in Interior Design. After 20 years of design practice I began to seek ways to serve my clients better. This led me to study life coaching. The combination of design and coaching plus meeting the love of my life led me to recruiting and property development. SPT Brands is where all of this comes together.

My Soul Purpose

My soul’s purpose is to create beautiful spaces for me and for you - for us.

We want to refine the design experience, craft and create beautiful and functional spaces that inspire clients and guests to build on their dreams.  We promise to honor your journey and help create spaces that share your story.  From property selection and design to renovation, decor, and coaching, our mission is to create spaces in which clients truly feel at home with themselves and their spaces.


SPT Brands

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From Happy Clients

Shannon is the best interior designer I have experienced in my years of Construction and Real Estate. Shannon can think outside any shape box, and design a odd space, or unused space into functional in todays environment and living trends. Her sense of decorating is uncanny, and will simply amaze you. Shannon's personality is contagious, and when she comes upon a wrinkle, she merely accepts the challenge, and identifies the most amazing path to success. Shannon comes with extremely high regards and should you ever need a one on one reference call, ask Shannon for my contact information. She is sure to prevail your expectations ~ Tiffany T. Shaw

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